Alex Tarletsky
Alex Tarletsky is an energetic young man who loves everything related to sports: basketball, baseball, and football…especially if it’s the Denver Broncos. Alex was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when he was 8 months old, but that’s not what you’ll notice about him, that’s not what defines him. Right off the bat, you’ll take notice of his funny sense of humor and quick wit. He can talk to you endlessly about his family and friends, the scores for Fantasy Football, certainly the latest band to hit his playlist, and then maybe he’ll give a short insight to life with cystic fibrosis.

Alex Tarletsky was a 12 year old basketball fiend in 2007 when he met Iona College’s then head men’s basketball coach, Kevin Willard, and former Athletic Director, Pat Lyons.  After meeting at a golf tournament, Alex was invited to join the team in pregame meetings and on-court practices where he learned that discipline has a place in everyone’s life, both on and off the court. 

Health has been a struggle in recent years for Alex, but thanks to his family, friends, and of course his care team, he is not alone in this battle.  It’s never fun, it’s never convenient, but Alex has learned the discipline necessary to take the lead with his hospital admissions and therapies, deciding how to fit them into the busy life of a young adult; communicating his questions and needs to his doctor, while focusing on the responsibility of maintaining strong health.  The support of his care team, family, and friends like Coach Willard and AD Pat Lyons have made the fight with cystic fibrosis one Alex knows he will win!

Who knows what the future holds, but Alex is in the driver’s seat and is eager to continue his path forward with a career in banking and a college degree.  For now, enjoying time with his family, supporting CCCF teams, hanging out with friends, and working hard to stay healthy are on the top of his program.